October 12, 2002
The Garage

by Bret Miller
I used to not see bands at local clubs for the obvious reason that they usually sucked. The majority of bands playing the clubs usually have only been around a few years at most, not yet learning that the best bands sound unique and have natural talent. I never went to see bands at clubs because I preferred to save my money for the big shows at the Forum and Universal Amphitheater and Irvine Meadows. What was the point in spending my money on a band I'd never heard? Writing for Highwire Daze has got me into more clubs in the last year than ever before.

The B-Movie Rats have been around for a while but I'd never heard their music. They began the night with their hard and fast bluesy rock tunes. The guitarist played nail-tearing blues riffs and the vocalist san raspily with passion. The B-Movie Rats excel at playing music that mixes AC/DC (minus schoolboy uniforms) with The Faces. The vocals were sang with cigarette damaged soul and the guitars were sufficienlty punk, but the whole blues thing added some depth and passion to the B-Movie Rats' sound.

Los Angeles own Superbees followed with their own brand of down and dirty rock'n'roll. Dressed in black, the band began to sweat and pose through their Detroit soul and distorted guitar sounds. The lyrics referenced the thrill of gritty rock'n'roll and the energy and emotion in all the best song in rock's short history. The Superbees connected with their audience as bassist Dat Ngo shoved his instrument in our faces and vocalist/guitarist Dave James strutted and gyrated a foot away from the foot of the stage. The Superbees presented an energetic rock and roll show for the people.

Headliners The Dragons played catchy loud punk to the point of simplicity. After hearing scratching and screeching guitars for over an hour already, what the Dragons needed to play was a more subtle form of rock. After the B-Movie Rats and The Superbees, the Dragons, well they dragged. The simple chord progressions, the same double-time drum beat made each song sound much like the last. I left the audience to further ruin their inner ear, I had enough for one night.
The next time the B-Movie Rats or the Superbees come to a club near you be sure to go, you will have a great time. I just hope for your sake that the venue is larger and that the sound mixer understands that he doesn't have to kill people's hearing.