Capitol Records
by Bret Miller

The latest from the Scottish quartet is a refreshing blast of guitar driven pop and quirky rock tunes. Like a louder, in-your-face version of early R.E.M., you’ll want to figure out the lyrics to better sing along with their songs. 100 Broken Windows showcases Idlewild’s ability to pull of emotional hard pop and raucous garage rock equally well, holding your interest intellectually as well as grabbing your heart and causing you to want to pogo with joy.
Idlewild will hold your interest with their catchy arrangements, minor key piano amongst the thick guitars of I Don’t Have the Map, the vocal interplay between Roddy Woomble’s vocals and Colin Newton’s drums on These Wooden Ideas and the alternating loud guitars/harsh vocals and melodic harmonies/jangly guitar parts on Idea Track. There are at least three sure-fire radio singles here in the form of opener Little Discourage, the emotional Roseability and the super catchy Actually it’s Darkness. Idlewild is sure to become a favorite amongst those seeking unpretentious rock music that doesn’t remind them of Blink 182. The band will succeed simply because they’re just that damn good.