Cradle Of Filth Go Major! An Interview with Paul Allender



An all new interview with Galder of Old Man's Child and Dimmu Borgir!


.:: Dein Schatten - October 2002 ::.

A must for every fan of Dark/Pop music: from Germany the one man band DEIN SCHATTEN comes. Let's hear what Born Zero told us about some interesting topics...


.:: Red Harvest - October 2002 ::.

RED HARVEST: dark industrial paranoia Metal. Let's discover Norway's most hidden and wicked secret with Ketil…


.:: Septic Flesh - October 2002 ::.

A true original metal band from Greece. After so many years of Underground career SEPTIC FLESH are ready and willing to expand their dominion. Let's talk about it (and more) with Sotiris…


.:: Nattas - October 2002 ::.

A new (evil) force from Sweden rises: NATTAS.
We had a chat with them, talking about Black Metal, the underground scene and the Pope...


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