Coachella Festival 2002

by Bret Miller
Highlights of the day were seeing the Charlatans U.K. move the audience into a rocking, grooving frenzy, KRS-One telling everyone where the Real Hip-Hop is, Saul Williams spouting wisdom to the young audience with his political views and kicking reggae-fied rock and rap. G Love & Special Sauce put on a fun show with G rolling words and wit off his tongue like the young street corner bluesman that he is. Siouxsie & the Banshees were incredible with Steve Severin in a shiny striped suit, the ever young Budgie punishing his drum kit, smiling all the while, and Siouxsie Sioux herself, also in a dapper dark suit, hair black and eyes surrounded in her trademark kohl style. Siouxsie pranced around the stage, swinging her hips and arms, and using the microphone cord like a whip. The band was in high form as Siouxsie lambasted the U.S. music corporations for recognizing money over musical talent. The Banshees whipped up their fans, performing obscure material from their early albums and a few classics, Siouxsie took off her shirt and coat, revealing a shiny bra and sending many young men and women into feinting spells at the site of her lithe torso. Siouxsie & the Banshees put on a brilliant show for their adoring fans, myself one of them. Of course, Bjork was brilliant, she wore a white dress and a green sash, with green eyeliner, looking like she was going to a wedding. Supported be a harpist, string section and two programmers, Bjork and company performed songs from her latest albums, some new, peppier numbers and the classics. Her slower material got a boost from some energetic beats as Bjork skipped and pranced around the stage, yelping and cooing to her audience. Her fans reciprocated by screaming and yelling her name and pressing themselves into the barricades trying to be as near as they could to the enchanting Bjork. Last up was the Chemical Brothers who put on a loud, pumping show with plenty of lights and flickering shapes, mixing one hit into the next, driving those with energy to burn to shake their rumps to the music. To sum up the day: Fantastic.

Bjork at Coachella 2002Bjork at Coachella 2002
Bjork at Coachella 2002Bjork at Coachella 2002
Siouxsie Sioux shaking it at Coachella 2002Siouxsie at Coachella 2002
The Chemical Brothers work the crowd at Coachella 2002 The Chemical Brothers at Coachella 2002