CELLBLOCK 5/White Trash Debutantes
Orange Peal Records
What’s It All About? Is a split CD of two talented groups. Cellblock 5 is a loud and fast punk group with background melodies and crunchy, catchy chord changes. David Dalton spits his lyrics with a “fuck you” attitude while you can sing along to John Fortin’s vocals. Great punk with a pop appeal, Cellblock 5 will have you slamming and skanking away to their songs. White Trash Debutantes are fronted by a blue-wigged she-male named Ginger Coyote and they play tight rockabilly and punk rock. Lucky for us Ms.(?) Coyote’s voice is buried beneath Jake Lush’s slinging guitar action and sassy background chants by Rhiannon Pollock and Tonia Bodley whose lead vocals are each splendid. Behind their particular front-person The White Trash Debutantes are a fun and thrashing band who are sure to go places once they get rid of some unnecessary haggage. Coyote’s lyrics are pretty funny but (s)he’s not much of a vocalist. Go to www.orangepealrecords.com for info on ordering What’s It All About and the other excellent artists on the label.<