Chain Reaction
February 3, 2003
by Bret Miller

Fearless Recordsí bright new hope Brazil played to a packed Chain Reaction on a rainy Winter night and won us over with their passionate songs and strong performance. Opening with the dark spoken word of Canon, Brazil made it clear that they were something different. The band played all six songs from their Dasein EP. They showed their thoughtful side on Saturn Parkway, played textured guitars and new wave keyboards on the punchy Life Death, the vocalist ably singing both the quiet passages and loud refrains equally well. Erasure showed off some dramatic keyboard playing. Brazilís short yet powerful set left us wanting more. The Kinison put on an energetic and quirky show prior to Brazil. The skinny little singer wore a tight red and black striped sweater and jeans and danced and jumped around the stage. The bandís combination of discofied pop and screamed vocals was intriguing to say the least. Brazil and The Kinison, while still young bands, will take your mind off the drivel currently occupying the record stores. So if youíre tired of the pretenders to the pop punk throne, catch these two bands in all their untamed glory the next time they come through town.