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tomorrowThis last August I had the opportunity to interview the very busy and very talented Mixmaster Morris a.k.a. Irresistible Force via the Internet and e-mail. The various formats and looks of the programs that were used in order to translate from word processor to ASCII and back were confusing to say the least. But here it is: my first computer generated interview with a man who has always been ahead of his time and on the cutting edge of new music and technology, Mixmaster Morris.

Subject: interview questions from Bret Miller, Highwire Daze magazine Date: Thu, 13 Aug interview questions for Mixmaster Morris:

Highwire Daze: How did you hook up with Ninjatune?

Mixmaster Morris: I've known Coldcut since they did their very first tune way back in 1985. We have done numerous projects together in the past e.g. Autumn Leaves.

HD: What is your relationship like with Black and More (Coldcut) and what do you think of their music and the other acts' music?

MMM: Matt Black is soul brother no. 1 and I love him dearly. I'm very happy to be on Ninja Tune, one of the best labels in the world. I think the music on Ninja is improving all the time, it's not always easy but it's worth putting the effort in. And on the visual front, they are way ahead of the pack.

HD: How often do you DJ and what are your favorite places?

MMM: About 150-200 times a year for the last 8 years weekly at my club NUBIENT in Brixton (Sunday night) my favorite has to be Japan - the best music, best sound systems, and most fanatical audiences. I also like Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Hamburg, San Francisco and New York. Favorite clubs include Ultraschall (Munich), Pure (Glasgow), Lost (London) and Stealth/Kungfusion (London) and all good underground parties anywhere.

HD: Who are you championing lately?

mixmaster morrisMMM: Recently my proteges include Jimpster, Ian O ‘Brien, Tortoise, Pan American, Fretless AZM, Pork, Compost, Extended Spirit, Ultraliving, Cornelius, Air, Boards of Canada, Squarepusher, Wagon Christ and of course Ninjas like Chocolate Weasel, Mr. Scruff, etc. I've been reviewing independent music for nigh on 20 years now .... When it stops exciting me is when I'll give up.

HD: What act or musician from your past do you still have a fond spot in your heart for that you still spin? What is the audience's reaction?

MMM: Cosmic Jazz like Alice Coltrane, Pharoah Sanders, Krautrock, ambience like Conrad Schnitzler and Cluster, and even early Kraftwerk, rare Moog like Perrey & Kingsley and Dick Hyman, minimalists like Steve Reich and Terry Riley, all kinds of things. Nowadays no-one bats an eyelid, people come because they know I'll be playing something different.

HD: What is your day like?

MMM: Not long enough. Wake around noon, open the mail (promos, promos), read the emails, zoom off to god knows where, play in some toilet for a few shekels, spend them all on some rare tune, go without dinner .... Sometimes its fun, sometimes its too much like hard work.

HD: If you do anything else in your spare time than music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, what do you enjoy doing?

MMM: You mean there is something other than music? I read a bit, also I cook. But I do 200 shows a year so there's not much time off.

HD: As an icon and innovator of ambient and electronic dance music, what do you hope people will say about you in 30 or so years (assuming you actually retire)?

MMM: I hope they'll be saying - ‘Wow, the 23rd Irresistible Force Cd is the best yet!' Anyhow I wouldn't make that assumption. Look at Harry Hosono, J-J Perrey, Brian Eno, Bob Moog - all alive and in full possession of their talents, I hope I'm as cool as Hosono when I'm 50.

HD: As someone who's been into electronic music for as long as you have, what words of wisdom can you give people just getting into DJing or producing or are struggling to get heard in an ignorant and/or intolerant society like most of the U.S.?

MMM: It's better to have your own sound and stick to it rather than spend your life chasing bandwagons. If there isn't a club around then you'll just have to start your own. No-one said it was going to be easy... Here's 2 samples now go and form a band ... If you write stoned then edit straight and vice versa... Don't let the bastards grind you down... Good luck you'll need it!

Thank you for your time Morris. Look for Irresistible Force's album It's Tomorrow Already out now on Ninjatune. Look up A SITE FOR SORE EARS - The Mixmaster Morris Homepage at http://www.southern.com/MMM/ or just type Mixmaster Morris and you'll find one of the most accomplished and extensive sites dedicated to electronic music available on the Internet, all supervised by the man himself.


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